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This is my first time scraping at Empire Recycling – What do I need to bring?

A novice recycler? No Problem! Our process is easy: Simply drive into our safe, well-lit facility and our staff will help you unload your materials. You must be at least 18 years old with a valid state identification. All scrap metals will be weighed by the pound or ton. All customers are paid cash at time of transaction. We buy scrap from individual walk-in traffic, contractors, and corporations.

Does Empire Recycling buy TV’s, monitors or flat screens?

No. Please contact your local municipality for information regarding disposal of TV’s Monitors and Flat Screens.

Does Empire Recycling buy aluminum cans?

Yes. All used beverage cans (UBCs) must be free of all other metals (e.g. steel, foil), glass, plastics and/or all other debris. All cans are purchased at the discretion of Empire Recycling.

Does Empire Recycling buy paper, glass or plastic?

No. We do not buy paper, glass or plastic. We are a scrap metal processing facility. Glass must be removed from all metal door and window frames prior to bringing them on the property.

Does Empire Recycling buy Appliances? Water Heaters? Furnaces?

Yes. We buy dishwashers, washer machines and dryers. We also buy water heaters, furnaces and radiators.

Does Empire Recycling buy propane tanks?

No. We will not buy propane tanks (used on a gas grill). However, we will safely and properly dispose of propane tanks at no cost to you!

Does Empire Recycling accept used tires?

Yes. There is a disposal fee for each used tire accepted. Please call us at (216) 732-9300 for current pricing.

Does Empire Recycling buy junk cars?

Yes! You would not believe the number of junk cars and trucks that come into Empire Recycling! No worries about the seats, no worries about leftover gasoline - just bring it to us – we will give you the last remaining value of your vehicle before you say goodbye forever. We will also give you Kleenex if closure is sentimental!

Should I separate my metals before scraping at Empire Recycling?

Yes, separating metals can increase your cash profits. Since all metal are not the same, we recommend a Magnet Test to determine the Type of Metal you have. A few simple steps can increase your knowledge and your CASH profits!

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